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Blockchi creates an easy way of storing and retrieving data on blockchain

  • that allows parties to author, publish, extend and access data records in a decentralized, immutable and secure manner,
  • supports complex data types, such as structured data and media,
  • supports metadata to allow anonymous, identified or trusted publishing and other features.

BlockChi Ethereum (Blockchain Payload Tools) is an Ethreum implementation of technology for storing and retrieving data on blockchain. It allows parties to author, to publish, to extend and to access data records. The data is presented as a JSON object, contained in the payload of a blockchain transaction.

BlockChi Ethereum - Blockchain Payload Tools

Use cases


Layered model of BlockChi:

Layered model of BlockChi
Writing data to blockchain

Writing data to blockchain is done by:

Preparing the data as a JSON object, according to the provided schema, converting the JSON object to HEX and sending the transaction from the wallet with the HEX data as payload.

Reading data from blockchain

Reading data from blockchain is done by:

Reading the tranasction and getting the payload, decoding the payload from HEX to JSON, parsing and displaying the data from the JSON.

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